2 pairs of slippers done

along with season 1 of Highlander.  The slipper pattern needs tweaking.  I started another one, but my shoulders hurt and I wanted to post.  I also spent 6 bucks on a bag of fabric and did not get much.  I got $6 worth, but no great find.

Eternal Ironing

I am still ironing all my new fabric.  I am maybe half way thru the giant stack/mountain.  It is slow and I don’t like it, but the finished pile has grown.  I am making progress.

Nothing else sewing wise can happen until I get this fabric put away.  So the double 4 patch is on hold, as are the scrap little quilts I am making for clowder house.

I did recast on for slippers for my mom.  I have 2 rounds of the first slipper done, but that is something.