You never know what you’re gonna get.  My favorite local thrift store, Value Village, has bags of assorted fabric for sale.  I always check. This bag looked risky – I could only see 2 quiltable fabrics and the rest looked to be polyester.  But I really like one i could see, so for $6, this came home with me today.

Let’s see what I end up getting. Is it all crappy poly or was it a good find?

Some, actually very nice, sheer polyester prints I’ll donate to another thrift store from which I also get fabric.

What am I keeping? Was there any cotton? Yep. 11 different and at least 1/2 yard each.

A piece of canvas, fading on top with a very Dr. Seussian print on it.  Can’t really use it, but WOW, I like it.

All in all, my money was well spent, wasn’t it?

Waterwheel quilt

Well, I have one more seam on the back and then I am finished peicing it.  Yeah!  I took like 4 days to get that back done.  I really did not like working with the polyester fabric.  The back is made up of old fabric sample squares, some cotton, some polyester.  This is the first time i have sewed 100% polyester and it sucks.  Dulled my needle, kept shifting around (even with all the starch i use), wouldn’t iron flat.  Never again will i use 100% polyester on anything.  I liked sewing nylon more. I do not anticipate quilting this with my usual pleasure.  I hope it will quilt.

12/5 – got some pix of the top and back:

The last quilt of 2009. About 85" square,