Bernina So Far

I have sewn on the Bernina now for about 5 hours and I am very happy with its performance.  Overall, it is better than my Kenmore for piecing.  It stitches more evenly and straighter than the Kenmore.  Once the piece is started under the needle, I barely have to guide it; it seems to just go straight thru – no wobbling, no veering off course. Perfect.

The feed isn’t as smooth as the Kenmore’s.  Fabric sometimes wants to snag up just at the needle.  But, I am learning the machine, so it might be user error.

And there is the foot pedal issue. I can live with it for piecing and regular sewing, but I couldn’t quilt with it. I am happy with the machine as is; I could be happier, but I would need to spend money on it and I want to wait to see its performance over months.  If it is consistently good, I’ll but another foot pedal.

I wish I could quilt with the Bernina, because the stitch itself looks really good.  Someday, I will do a comparison with pictures to show you.