Left Handed Needlework

I am ambidextrous, but i primarily write with my left hand.  Teaching myself to write with my right hand, albeit slowly, has made me more ambidextrous.  I embroider with both depending on what stitch and which direction i am going. I’ve never seen a sewing machine geared toward leftys, so i quilt as a righty.  I have 2 rotary cutters – one set up for left, the other right, and i use both equally.  But for knitting and crochet, i am all lefty.  I taught myself from right handed instructions and  my stitches look slightly different – the yarn twists opposite.  Eventually, i’ll get some photos of my work up here.  I tried very hard to learn knitting right handed, and i can knit English style, but i hate doing it.  I knit continental style and i hold the yarn in my right hand.