Knitter’s Block

I knit my mom a hat and fingerless gloves in September.  I started some matching slippers in October.  Midway thru I ripped ’em out and haven’t been able to get back into knitting them.  I have problems with any needlework that requires 2 identical objects to be complete.  Socks, gloves, mittens, slippers all give me trouble.  I know I’m not alone in this.  To help I always start both together.  I do the first cast on and then immediately cast on the next one.  I work one to a change point, then work the other to that same point.  This has helped me make 2 like items.  It requires a minimum of 7 DPNs, and 2 balls of yarn.  I usually knit when I watch television.  Occasionally, I’ll just sit and knit to music, but tv knitting is the best for me.  House is my favorite show by which to knit.  Gossip Girl is another.  But lately, I have been watching them online, and haven’t been knitting to them.  I just haven’t  felt like knitting.  Argh!  I want to get those slippers done; I want to start another project; I want to feel the urge to knit!  It’s cold outside, I SHOULD feel like knitting.