Made a hat

I just finished a new hat.  It was off the cuff, without a gauge swatch.  I made it up as I went along. It fits perfectly.  I designed it to fit around my ponytail and still keep my ears warm.  On 2 circular needles, I turkish cast on 30 stitches and increased by 4 stitches every other round.  I put the increases at the beginning and ending of each needle.  When it started to look like it was big enough to fit my head, I did a gauge measurement and found I needed to increas a little more.  When I got to the point it fit my head, I knit even until, trying it on, the front part was about 3/8 inch from my eyebrows ( I did not want this hat to be falling over my eyes).  I crochet cast off the front stitches and divided the remaining stitches onto the two needles.  No longer working in the round, I decreased 1 stitch per knit row and always purled even until there was one loop left, which i crocheted a few inches and pulled thru it finish.