Problems on top of problems

I haven’t disappeared.  My computer quit accessing the web, my car’s clutch cable broke, and my back went out.  Before all that happened, I did finish about 20 little quilts and a couple of dozen knit cat toys which I donated to Clowder House.  I forgot to take pictures – oops.

I more or less finished the double four patch.  It could use a little more quilting, but it is a flannel bat, so it doesn’t require the same amount of quilting as regular batting. I haven’t taken photos yet, but I will eventually.

See, I installed fedora linux on my computer.  It was a windows vista machine.  When it stopped recognizing my wireless connection for no fixable reason, I decided to try linux.  I will be writing more about that at my other blog.

When I photographed my giveaway winnings, I also took some pix of my favorite found quilts.   But I don’t have photo editing software yet, so I can’t do that post.  Nor can I show you my booty from the upcycle exchange open house I went to last weekend.  I am working on this, but I am clueless as to how to install software on this computer.  Linux is different.

So far, fedora linux is better than windows vista.  It boots MUCH faster and is just as easy to navigate.  I like how it looks – it is different – the main task bar thingy is on top. It looks cheerier than windows – more friendly – even though I don’t know how to install software yet, I am confident I can learn.

My car is costing almost $600 to fix! Yipe, that hurts!  But that clutch cable did have about 150,000 hard miles on it.  The car is a junker and I really didn’t want to fix it, but we can’t afford a newer vehicle yet.  Hopefully, I will get my car back today or tomorrow.  No Car And No Internet SUCKED.

My back is giving me trouble.  I have no idea what I did, but I can barely sleep or walk.  I can’t sit and quilt – it’s too painful.  At least I can surf the blogosphere and see what ya’ll are crafting.

A Lot in Progress

I pin basted the double four patch and pin basted 2 little quilts.  I also lined up 4 little quilts for piecing. plus, I started a hat for myself.

I pin basted the double four patch rather than thread bast, because I used washed flannel as the batting (an experiment) I didn’t feel thread basting would be worth the time as I could put the pins farther apart than the stitches.

Double 4 Patch top done

Finally I finished sewing the top.

Now I need to make the back.

Dbl 4 patch update

I started sewing the blocks together and that digital picture I posted is invaluable in getting the blocks back in the order I want.  Wow – Double WOW – what a time saver.  I am 2/3 finished sewing it together.  It is now a giant nine patch.

Double 4 patch on the Design Wall

I tweaked it a little, but this is pretty much how it went up on the wall.  I like it so much I can’t bring myself to try a different layout.  It looks scrappy, despite all the repeats.

It’s gonna end up being about 6 foot square.  I wish it were a little bigger, but I don’t have enough leftover blocks.  I could put a border, but I really like this type of quilt to not have a border, so 6 feet square is what it is.

Later, I changed it slightly.

Double Four Patch Update

Well, I have all the blocks sewn together and a few ironed and up on the design wall.  It looks good.  I will get some photos up tomorrow.  Right now I am too tired to do much of anything. In addition to sewing these blocks today, I also basted about half of the waterwheel quilt.  It’s 9 PM, time to stop for the night.

Double Four Patch Start

I decided to make a double 4 patch quilt with the fabric leftovers from the waterwheel quilt. I have the fabric all cut and sorted and partially sewn.  I laid out the blocks in 2 big stacks, the light and dark.
I stacked them like this so that I can hopefully sew them all exactly the same way.
I think there is enough here that I am gonna end up with a bonus full size quilt. Time to sew!