I googled starch and spent a while surfing.  Wiki’s article on Starch is worth reading.

Starch is important to me in my quilting.  I want the fabric to be very stiff – like paper.  I believe I am way more accurate with starch.  The canned spray starch simply doesn’t work for my purposes.  I have used Sta-Flo at full strength and am pleased with the results, but many times I have needed starch and the store is out of it.  So, I make my own.  I have used regular cornstarch and cooked up my own sprayable concoction which has been successful.

After I pull out all the fabric for a project, I starch it.  I spray the fabric until it is damp and fully coated, then hang or layout to dry.  When the fabric is dry, I stream press.  It irons fast with the steam.  I have found this to be the most efficient way for me to starch large batches of fabric.  I did read that one can add liquid starch to the rinse cycle during laundry and I’m going to try that when I am not using a laundry mat. I don’t store my fabric or finished quilts with all that starch.  The fabric remains of a project are donated if usable or composted if not.  The finished quilts might be used a little before their first washing, but they are definitely washed before they leave my possession.

The benefits of heavily starching fabric are:  stiff fabric is easier to piece – things stack together nicely, points match up better, fabric glides smoother when quilting.   I found a bag of potato starch at the grocery store and am gonna make my next batch with that.

What are your thoughts &/or questions about starch?

Cornstarch Uses

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