My Sewing Space

photos to come

My sewing space is approximately 300 square feet of my basement.  I have a 3.5×6 foot cutting/work table.  My quilting fabric takes up 12 bins in a corner.  The nice thing is that when I need to choose fabric, I have enough room to have all the bins on tables and can see it all.  The bad thing is having to lug those bins.  I also have a bin each devoted to silk, wool, and linen.  I have a dresser for  batting and one for non-quilting fabric.  My latest modification is the creation of a design wall.  I used 2 4×7 foot foam insulation boards duct taped together and covered with an old flannel sheet.  The cost was about 20 bucks.  It works great.  The ability to put something on it and get distance to see the patterns has definitely increased my enjoyment and skill.  When these wear out, I’m going to purchase the thick version for increased sturdiness.  Mine are about a half inch thick.  They take pins well.  I have 2 tables on wheels and one table I can put out when needed.  My actual sewing space is about as good as possible.  I have 2 machines out and working. One is usually set up for quilting and the other piecing.

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