Basting Experiment

see the commentary on this first basting with dissolving thread here

Initial post about this basting experiment here

Tools & Supplies

  • 2 – 1″x3″x8′ boards
  • Vanish water soluble thread
  • scissors
  • needles*
  • thimble (optional)
  • rotary cutting mat
  • thumb tacks
  • 2.5’x7′ table
  • 1 quilt top 81″ square
  • 1 quilt back 85″ square
  • 1 queen size (90×108″) 80/20 Batting
Method developed from Sharon Schamber’s basting Video *I am testing curved vs. straight needles


Place quilt top face up on table. Place board on top so that it is about 3 inches from the long edge and even over the sides.

Next, with the thumb tacks, in 4-5 places along the board, pin the quilt edge to the board.  This should be as even as possible.  Roll the quilt onto the board, making sure the quilt stays even on the sides and is lining up as you roll. Set aside.
Now, do the same thing with the back, except begin with the back face down on the table.
When finished rolling, you should have a top facing in and a back facing out. Set aside the top.
Unroll about 2 feet of the back, with the roll part away from you.
Line up 2 sides of the batting as you spread it over the back.
Spread it smooth and let the excess hang over behind the table and on one side.
Put the top on centering it on the back.  Remember to center it both horizontally and vertically.
It should look something like this:

This is ready to be basted.

Put your cutting mat under where you are going to stitch.  Begin at the top middle of the section, take a 1/2″ wide stitch. Backstitch a few times or tie a knot in the thread. Take the next stitch 3 fingers wide down from the first stitch. Carry on this way, getting more thread as needed.
Click on the photo to see the stitches.
Basically, keep stitches 1/2 inch wide and 2-3 inches apart in columns, backstitching to start and end a thread.  Cover the whole section with basting.
Section 1 should look something like this:
To begin section 2, flip over the batting so it is on what you just basted and slid the boards to the opposite edge of the table. What you just basted is now hanging off the front of the table.
Unroll the backing to the edge of the table, making sure it is smooth and straight.
Flip the batting back over the table and re-smooth it.
Unroll the top, again making sure it is straight and smooth. Begin basting section 2
When finished with section 2, repeat for however many sections you have until you get to the last.
On the last section, keep the quilt as much on the table as possible.
Take out the tacks in the backing and set aside board.
Smooth the batting over the last bit.
Take out the tacks in the top board and use that board as a weight at the edge. Finish basting.
When finished, turn over quilt and cut off excess batting flush with the back – this should just need to be done to 2 sides.

And voila, a basted quilt.

I estimate this should take about 3 hours for an approximately queen size quilt.

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