Changing Perspective

When I saw the movie Sweet Dreams, about Patsy Cline, I had not yet heard of her.  As I watched the movie, I fell in love.  She was an amazing singer. She died in a plane crash in 1963.  Finding out via the movie,  I had to pause at the crash and have a good cry, I was soooo upset.  She recorded 3 studio albums.  We are lucky Patsy recorded as much as she did.

I start my day catching up with favorite blogs and discovering new ones while I have my morning latte.  Somehow, I found the blog, from my farmhouse window.  The creator, Lynda, only began blogging last October, but died suddenly February 24.   In only 33 posts, we have a glimpse of Lynda and her quilts.  We are lucky.

After having a good cry for Lynda, I thought how cool that her blog remains.  I did not before think of blogs as a Public Testament to a Life, but they are, aren’t they? What do you think?


Haven’t really felt like crafting

I have started a hat.  I made a few more cat toys.  I started and frogged some slippers.  I did a tiny bit of sewing and some practice quilting.  This wed-fri.  I wish a felt like doing more.

Protected: Slipper Pattern Draft

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Recvd order from sew thankful yesterday

My order of quilter’s gloves, bobbin washers, and insul-bright arrived Wednesday – ordered Saturday.  The gloves fit perfectly.  I was worried they would not.  I haven’t tried anything yet – gotta get the fabric out of the way