Upcycle Exchange Loot

A couple of Sundays ago I went to an Upcycle Exchange Open House.  The cost was $10 for a paper grocery bag of items.  They collect a bunch of art supplies and you get to choose amongst the collection.  It was fun and I feel I got more than 10 dollars worth of stuff.  Plus, I now have a place to pass on my supplies I no longer need.

My bag came home filled with crafty potentials. 21 different fabric scraps – some fat quarter sized, with a beautiful skein of purple and white wool are what I found to add to my fabric and yarn stashes.

I also got some pens and drawing pencils, a circular knitting needle, a tiny calligraphy pen, a gouge tool for making stencils, some dye, some magnets, and a very cool wooden box.

It costs $15 a quarter to join.  At the monthly meetings, if you get a bag of stuff, you pay $5.  I will join in May when they have open enrollment.  I had a good time and got some great stuff.

I won a giveaway!

I entered Modify Tradition‘s giveaway.  And I won!  Crystal and Jennifer sent not only a beautiful and finely constructed pillow cover, but 5 gorgeous crocheted clothes AND 3 exciting and inspiring fat quarters in my favorite colors, plus a handful of little tags!  It was sooo fun to get home and find this in my mail box!  Thank you Modify Tradition for such a sweet gift.

End of Year Recap

I completed about 10 bed sized quilts this year.  I taught myself to knit last winter and have made 2 fingerless mittens, 3 hats, 6 pairs of slippers, and a small rug.  I made numerous small things either sewn, knit or crochet – ipod cosies etc. I think I doubled my fabric and yarn collections – both are organized. I haven’t done any crochet since I took up knitting, but am gonna in 2010.  I did do a little embroidery this year.

I started this blog – which is not yet public.  It has already been useful to me and I know next year I will know better what I accomplished since I will have a record right here.

Craft Goals for 2010

  • use more fabric than I take in
  • learn applique
  • get this site public by feb
  • get my etsy store open
  • be more organized

I’ll add more.

More Fabric Bins

I have 12.  The bins are Sterilite, 41 quart, 35x16x6 inch.  I bought 2 more.

I have divided the fabric into 2 sections:

  1. The do not use section made up of a fat quarter or less of everything.
  2. The use now section which includes everything I have more of than a fat quarter.

The use now section is in 2 parts – the yard or less – the more than a yard.  I want to use as much of the Use Now section this year as I can.  I am not gonna estimate yardage – it is a lot, nor am I going to lessen my fabric acquisition rate.

I separated the fabric to ensure I have a growing collection of variety for the future and as much variety as possible for the use now section.

I also pulled the fabric for the next batch of quilts.  It is gonna be a while before I get to that, but the fabric is ready to be starched.  I am gonna try soaking the starch in the washer and spinning out the excess.

2 pairs of slippers done

along with season 1 of Highlander.  The slipper pattern needs tweaking.  I started another one, but my shoulders hurt and I wanted to post.  I also spent 6 bucks on a bag of fabric and did not get much.  I got $6 worth, but no great find.

Corn Starch vs Potato Starch

I finally had to make up a batch of starch.  I used the potato starch.  I like it better than the corn starch.  It mixed the same way.  Basically the ratio I use in corn starch was 1 cup to 1 gallon water.  For the potato I used 3/4 cup to 1 gallon water.  The package said 1 cup wheat starch=3/4 potato starch.  It seems to have more starching power than the cornstarch I usually use.  The potato starch mix looks smoother – more like Sta-Flo.  And zero flaking so far.

Overall, making your own starch is messy and I don’t like that part, but it is way less expensive, and in my opinion, better starch than what can be bought.  The potato starch works better than corn – it mixed into the cold water better and then dissolved in the hot water more readily. The potato starch has better starching power too.  The fabric is crisp, not shiny nor flaky.

I made a gallon of the stuff so I am gonna have to use it.  It does go bad and I forgot to add lavender to this batch, so it will go off sooner.  I am gonna try storing it in the fridge.

Eternal Ironing

I am still ironing all my new fabric.  I am maybe half way thru the giant stack/mountain.  It is slow and I don’t like it, but the finished pile has grown.  I am making progress.

Nothing else sewing wise can happen until I get this fabric put away.  So the double 4 patch is on hold, as are the scrap little quilts I am making for clowder house.

I did recast on for slippers for my mom.  I have 2 rounds of the first slipper done, but that is something.