Problems on top of problems

I haven’t disappeared.  My computer quit accessing the web, my car’s clutch cable broke, and my back went out.  Before all that happened, I did finish about 20 little quilts and a couple of dozen knit cat toys which I donated to Clowder House.  I forgot to take pictures – oops.

I more or less finished the double four patch.  It could use a little more quilting, but it is a flannel bat, so it doesn’t require the same amount of quilting as regular batting. I haven’t taken photos yet, but I will eventually.

See, I installed fedora linux on my computer.  It was a windows vista machine.  When it stopped recognizing my wireless connection for no fixable reason, I decided to try linux.  I will be writing more about that at my other blog.

When I photographed my giveaway winnings, I also took some pix of my favorite found quilts.   But I don’t have photo editing software yet, so I can’t do that post.  Nor can I show you my booty from the upcycle exchange open house I went to last weekend.  I am working on this, but I am clueless as to how to install software on this computer.  Linux is different.

So far, fedora linux is better than windows vista.  It boots MUCH faster and is just as easy to navigate.  I like how it looks – it is different – the main task bar thingy is on top. It looks cheerier than windows – more friendly – even though I don’t know how to install software yet, I am confident I can learn.

My car is costing almost $600 to fix! Yipe, that hurts!  But that clutch cable did have about 150,000 hard miles on it.  The car is a junker and I really didn’t want to fix it, but we can’t afford a newer vehicle yet.  Hopefully, I will get my car back today or tomorrow.  No Car And No Internet SUCKED.

My back is giving me trouble.  I have no idea what I did, but I can barely sleep or walk.  I can’t sit and quilt – it’s too painful.  At least I can surf the blogosphere and see what ya’ll are crafting.


I won a giveaway!

I entered Modify Tradition‘s giveaway.  And I won!  Crystal and Jennifer sent not only a beautiful and finely constructed pillow cover, but 5 gorgeous crocheted clothes AND 3 exciting and inspiring fat quarters in my favorite colors, plus a handful of little tags!  It was sooo fun to get home and find this in my mail box!  Thank you Modify Tradition for such a sweet gift.

Copyright, Artists, and Big Companies

In my rss feed this morning was this from Dude Craft.  It is about plagiarism and copyright issues.

This is a hot topic for crafters and we need to know all we can about this.  You can find a free e-book on copyright here

I am troubled by 2 recent incidents of what I believe to be copyright infringement on artists.

Both artists had created something original.  Both have a distinctive style and a narrow focus.  Both are real artists struggling with their art and making beautiful designs.  Both have had their original designs show up in products they did not authorize.  One is in the UK and one in the US.

The UK saga can be found here

The US saga is here

It seems that other artists copied the original artists’ designs and sold them as their own to large companies.  Both of these companies used the designs in products.  And both companies deny their culpability.

Both companies appear to have reacted to the original artists as if the artists were wrong and even a cursory look shows this is not the case.

Both companies have missed an opportunity to create a new partnership with these infringed upon artists.

They could have listened with an open mind and evaluated the artwork and admitted they made a mistake.  They still could come clean and work with the artists rather than referring to lawyers.

They could do the right thing and be honest and fair.

These infringed upon artists do not have the resources that the big companies have – they can’t just call their team of lawyers and make the companies listen.

The only way I can help is:

  1. not purchase anything from these companies until this issue is resolved equitably
  2. contact these companies – ask them to do the right thing
  3. ask you to do the same

The UK company is Paperchase

The US company is Fabri-Quilt

The above are links to contact these companies.  Here is the letter I am emailing to both companies.  I urge you to do the same.  Feel free to copy this letter.

To Whom It May Concern

It has recently come to my attention that  you are not being fair to an artist that has contacted  you about copyright infringement.

To Paperchase, I am referring to Hide n Seek.  To Fabri-Quilt, I am referring to Greetings from Kimberly Shaw

When an artist comes to you with a grievance, before you react in fear, you should listen and investigate the artist’s claim.  Upon seeing the facts, you should be willing to work with the artist to resolve the issue.

I cannot in good conscience support you unless you have done the right thing, so I will not be purchasing your products until I read on the artist’s blog a resolution has been satisfactorily reached.


Changing Perspective

When I saw the movie Sweet Dreams, about Patsy Cline, I had not yet heard of her.  As I watched the movie, I fell in love.  She was an amazing singer. She died in a plane crash in 1963.  Finding out via the movie,  I had to pause at the crash and have a good cry, I was soooo upset.  She recorded 3 studio albums.  We are lucky Patsy recorded as much as she did.

I start my day catching up with favorite blogs and discovering new ones while I have my morning latte.  Somehow, I found the blog, from my farmhouse window.  The creator, Lynda, only began blogging last October, but died suddenly February 24.   In only 33 posts, we have a glimpse of Lynda and her quilts.  We are lucky.

After having a good cry for Lynda, I thought how cool that her blog remains.  I did not before think of blogs as a Public Testament to a Life, but they are, aren’t they? What do you think?

Have not been idle

I have not posted since going public. But I have been doing stuff.  Made more cat toys.  Quilted 5 small quilts.  I have started and frogged 2 or 3 times some slippers.

Part of the reasons why I haven’t posted in a while is that my internet connection is a wi-fi network in my neighborhood and I sometimes can’t connect.  Also, since I am using someone’s network for free (and probably without their knowledge) I try to only go online early in the morning – like 4 am.

Another reason I have not posted is I have been knitting whilst watching Highlander on  I am watching the whole series and am up to Season 3 Episode 18.

I am going to try to post to both misha’s needle and misha’s world twice a week minimum.