Crafter’s Block Is Over!

Well, I am finally making stuff again.  My room mate doesn’t have a hat, so I have started another one of these.  I also have a couple of quilting projects going.  The main focus is a quilt for my friend Jason.  He is moving to Chicago, so I need to get his done ASAP.  I am also thinking about trying my hand with appliqué.  I feel good to be at it again, although I did make several dishcloths over the summer.

I will post pictures of the quilt as soon as I have some.  I made a gaggle of 12 inch nine patch blocks.  I paid special attention to getting the 1/4 inch seam consistently and matching the corners without pinning.  I discovered I can sew 2 blocks together without pinning, but must resort to the pins after that.  I want my workmanship to be as good as I am capable of doing.

A friend is coming over Tuesday to learn about piecing and quilting.  She is going to try her hand at it.  She already has a Kenmore not wholly unlike mine, so once she knows the basics, she can go wild with it.  I think she will need to buy a darning foot, but that is only about 25$.

She will be using my 70s era Bernina 830.  I just set it up today.  My sister was in town from Chicago, and had a favorite jacket on which the sleeves were fraying.  They were plenty long enough to turn under and seam, and that is what I did.  The Bernina handled the super bulky bit beautifully, and the stitches all look really good.  I had had the machine in its case.  But I took one of my Kenmores over to Amber’s house.  She is now willing to give me 75$ for it and the darning foot (I too, will have to get a new one).  She sort of got used to the machine and having two available, so getting it back is not an option.

Which is ok.  I got a cam operated one from Value Village Thrift for like 5$.  It didn’t work will, and is now at the shop where it will hopefully be fixed for 60$, which is a lot of money to me right now.  It will be worth it, for then I can have a total of 3 machines working and available to me.  And my total sewing machine investment is still well under 500 dollars.

That is it for now on the crafting front.  Pictures will come in another post.

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  1. Good for you … I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in a couple years.

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

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