Waterwheel Quilt Update

That waterwheel quilt I made sat on my work table for months unquilted.  I just wasn’t motivated to quilt it.  It came out fine – looks good and I let it sit there.  I promised myself I would not start another quilt until this one was done.  Then my best friend moved back to Saint Louis.  She has made a few tied quilts, but hadn’t done actual quilting.  Her machine is capable of quilting, but it isn’t designed to fit into a table and she didn’t have the darning foot.

I brought over to her house one of my old Kenmores with table and set it all up for her.  The waterwheel became the perfect learn to quilt quilt.  I had a little practice piece with which I showed her how to meander and I gave her my notebook of quilting ideas.  I told her she could quilt it anyway she wanted – that mistakes have to be made to learn and that whatever she did would be totally fine.

So far, Amber has done the center in meander and is working on leafy vines for the green border.  It looks great.  She has taken to quilting like a fish to water.  No broken needles or anything!  I am so happy I could facilitate her learning this and that both of us got into quilting.  It is so cool.

You may remember this quilt was basted with the dissolving thread and not pins.  I wanted to see how thread basting worked and if using the dissolving thread could be quilted without removal.  It can’t.  Amber is having to remove sections of thread as she quilts.  I tried it too and I had no better luck.  The thread gets caught on the darning foot.  Amber says she likes snipping out the thread better than removing pins, but I am still undecided.

So now that the waterwheel quilt is being quilted, my mind has started thinking about what to make next.  Amber has a 10 year old son who is teaching me to play guitar.  I am thinking I should make him a quilt.  I have a box of 8×10 samples of fabric with the Warner Brothers cartoon characters on them.  They should make a nice quilt for a kid.

I am also still knitting dishclothes.  I am trying to use up the bits of cotton yarn I have.  So all in all, my crafting block seems to be lifting and it is too hot to be outside – time to make stuff!

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