Crafter’s Block Continues

I am still not doing anything crafty.  I have been busy with friends and other things.  I did go camping this weekend. I brought my knitting/crochet stuff, in case there was opportunity.  There was, and I made 2 dishclothes.  I am trying to use up all my bits of cotton yarn, so dishclothes are what I make with it.  Generally, I stick to the seed stitch for them, because it creates a nice nubbly texture that cleans dishes well.  Seed stitch is great practice for both knitting and purling.  Basically, I crochet cast on an odd number of stitches and K,P,K every row till about square and then crochet cast off, making a hanging loop big enough to fit on the sink. It is challenging at first to do the seed stitch, but one does improve with practice.

So, do 2 dishclothes count as doing something crafty?  Oh, I did get another low shank 70s era Kenmore sewing machine for 5 dollars.  This one does embroidery with cams, which I have.  But it isn’t working and needs professional attention.  I am broke right now, so it is gonna have to wait.  And I also finally went to my first official Upcycle Exchange meeting.  I came home with a totebag of cotton fabric.  Yay!  That’s crafty, kinda.

I still have not even started quilting the waterwheel quilt.  So I say that my crafter’s block ends when I start that.  I am gonna force myself to do a row on a dishcloth every day – maybe that will get me in the mood to quilt.

I will eventually do another post with pictures of the new sewing machine, once it is fixed.  If it isn’t fixable, my friend will get it as a spare for parts as hers is a cam machine.

Summer really isn’t a good time for me to be crafty.  If nothing else, I am confident that I will feel the urge to quilt come winter, and I am trapped indoors.  Until then, I will have fun doing other things.

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