Still Not Crafting

I haven’t done anything crafty lately.  I have helped 3 friends move and one do a thorough cleaning of her house, so I have been busy.  I did get a sturdy, plain, solid oak quilt rack for 3 dollars and yet another old sewing machine for 5 bucks.  I will do a post about them with pix and stuff when I find the time.

I hope all ya’ll are having a great summer so far and I feel certain I will be in a crafting mood when we hit July and August as it will be too hot for me to be outside.

My friend, Amber, moved back here from Cape Cod.  She and I haven’t seen each other in 6-7 years.  In that time, we both have gotten interested in quilting.  My other friend, Kate, is also crafty.  I think I wanna start a little group that once a month gets together and makes something.  I actually have the room to have 3 sewing machines running at once, so I could host something.

I joined the Upcycle Exchange, but have not yet gotten to a meeting.  I am also thinking of joining a Hacker Space – more on that in another post.

I still haven’t quilted the waterwheel quilt.  I think it will have to be put off till the hot weather gets here.  I just don’t have the time, nor inclination to do it.  I think, maybe I will force myself to knit a few dishclothes.  We need some more and that is minimal craftiness.

It may be awhile till I post again, but in the meantime, keep crafting!

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