Still Not Crafting

I have sorted my internet access and all is working fine.  AT&T made it difficult, but not impossible, for this Linux user.  So now I am online, YAY!  I have not been crafting this week, because I have been preparing for a new housemate.

I have been getting rid of stuff via freecycling.  It is a way of giving stuff you don’t want away to people in your area that want the stuff.  I have gotten rid of a headboard, and some moving boxes.  I am in the process of giving away a broken sewing machine and some glass jars.  I could also try to get stuff this way – there are lots of listings for various things.  I am in purge mode, so I haven’t been looking for anything.  But, after I am finished getting rid of stuff, I will look closer at what is being offered.

The way about which I got online disrupted my ability to quilt, but I admit to not feeling crafty anyway.  I have given away some crafting supplies lately, and that is as crafty as I have gotten.  It is a bit of a mood thing for me to want to quilt or knit or craft anything.  I just haven’t lately been in the mood to craft.  The computer has taken up my normal craft time, and I am actively trying to focus what I do on the computer and reduce my time on it.

I am subscribed to about 100 blogs.  Not all of them post everyday, and some post more than once a day.  I spend about an hour and a half reading my rss feeds.  I also spend time on Facebook.  And a good hour on email.  I want to reduce the amount of time I am spending in rss feed reading.  It is difficult to get rid of any of them, but I feel I must.  I will rebookmark them and from time to time surf them. My favorite blogs are ones that don’t have a new post once per day, but that post once a week or so.  They are the ones I look forward to reading the most, and are usually the most thought provoking.

I’d like to be as habitual in crafting as I am in using the computer.  I need to set up my sewing area to be ready to go.  I frequently fill up my work table with stuff that has to be put away before I can craft on the table.  I am not good with regulating myself to doing something on a schedule; I tend to be obsessive about something for a time and then let it go for awhile.  I am gonna work on that by setting aside time each day to practice quilting.  Hopefully, I can achieve that with the stupid water wheel quilt I still haven’t quilted.  Happy crafting.

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