Fell into Facebook

I haven’t posted in awhile because I joined Facebook. It is a time sucking vortex at first. I had to learn a bunch of stuff – it is much different from blogland, but one’s wall is like a mini-blog. Joining Facebook reconnected me with a bunch of folks, which started a bunch of email conversations, which uses more time, but is so worth doing. But that means I haven’t been crafting and I sure haven’t.

I have, since last posting, helped a friend refurbish a Craigslist find of a sewing machine. I have 2 similar machines and a 3rd for parts. I thought we’d have to swap out the tension mechanism, but when we took hers apart, we found an odd extra bit that was causing the problem. We actually did have to harvest the presser foot pressure thingy for her machine. After that we cleaned and oiled it. It is working beautifully. I am jealous, as her’s is a cam’d machine and can do bunches of stitches. It is a really nice machine and worth more than what she paid.

Four days ago, due I think, to weather, I stopped being able to freely access the internet at home. The last time this happened was a Vista problem; this time suddenly where I was getting 3 bars, I could only sometimes barely get one. My reception of all the networks went down, so I attributed it to weather. Two days into not being able to get my mail had me at the nearest Starbucks, ordering AT&T’s Basic DSL, no contract, $20/month internet service. The $75 modem arrives Monday and hopefully I am geeky enough to install it myself. If not, my computer go to friend will stop by on his way home from work. I think this is the least expensive way to get online. I just hope the connection is as fast or faster than what I am used to using.

I have promised myself that BEFORE I start anything else, I will get that floral waterwheel quilt quilted. You may remember it from months ago – it was the test quilt for thread basting, and I still haven’t quilted it. So that is the next crafty thing. Part of why it has been put off is that I have no idea how I want to quilt it – I think I will just do basic meander to get it done – maybe something different in the borders.

I will post again after I get my home internet access sorted.

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