Making Miles of Binding


I found a 100% cotton, dark blue, twin size, fitted sheet at my local Value Village for $4.  I cut off the elastic, washed, dried, starched, then ironed it flat. I now had a ~64”x72” piece of fabric.  I carefully folded it in half lengthwise and ironed the fold.  It was still wider than my 24” ruler, so I again carefully folded and ironed it.

I then cut 3” strips to yield a 3/8” finished binding.  I ironed the folds out of the strips and stacked ‘em right side up.

I used a ruler to see the line of the needle. binding30

  • I marked it with tape on my kenmore binding15 binding41

and a sharpie on my bernina. 

I used my walking foot and the guide to sew the strips together. I simply kept the angles in the two opposing corners on the guide.

binding7  I set the stack of strips on my lap  right side up.

I put the first 2 strips right sides together at about a 90 degree angle.  I lined up the 2 opposite outside corners with the marked line and stitched, keeping it lined up.   I put  strip 2’s unsewn end face up and put strip 3 face down repeating the process of sewing the 2 strips together.  I continued in this fashion until the strips were sewn together, being careful to not get the binding twisted.  I snipped them apart and fed the now really long strip into a basket, checking as I went to be sure my seams all ended up on one side. They did. Yay!

binding39 As I fed the strip into another basket, with a rotary cutter and no ruler, I carefully cut off excess seam allowance.binding31binding24 

I then fed the strip back onto the first basket, ironing the seam allowance open as I went.

binding33 binding11 binding19

I ended up with about 1300 inches – slightly more than 100 feet. 


One Response

  1. Thank you for your encouraging comment! I will get there one day!
    Your binding fabric is perfectly in keeping with the traditions of the quilters of the past to use what comes to hand well!! 100 ft!!! Well done!

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