More Fabric Bins

I have 12.  The bins are Sterilite, 41 quart, 35x16x6 inch.  I bought 2 more.

I have divided the fabric into 2 sections:

  1. The do not use section made up of a fat quarter or less of everything.
  2. The use now section which includes everything I have more of than a fat quarter.

The use now section is in 2 parts – the yard or less – the more than a yard.  I want to use as much of the Use Now section this year as I can.  I am not gonna estimate yardage – it is a lot, nor am I going to lessen my fabric acquisition rate.

I separated the fabric to ensure I have a growing collection of variety for the future and as much variety as possible for the use now section.

I also pulled the fabric for the next batch of quilts.  It is gonna be a while before I get to that, but the fabric is ready to be starched.  I am gonna try soaking the starch in the washer and spinning out the excess.

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