Corn Starch vs Potato Starch

I finally had to make up a batch of starch.  I used the potato starch.  I like it better than the corn starch.  It mixed the same way.  Basically the ratio I use in corn starch was 1 cup to 1 gallon water.  For the potato I used 3/4 cup to 1 gallon water.  The package said 1 cup wheat starch=3/4 potato starch.  It seems to have more starching power than the cornstarch I usually use.  The potato starch mix looks smoother – more like Sta-Flo.  And zero flaking so far.

Overall, making your own starch is messy and I don’t like that part, but it is way less expensive, and in my opinion, better starch than what can be bought.  The potato starch works better than corn – it mixed into the cold water better and then dissolved in the hot water more readily. The potato starch has better starching power too.  The fabric is crisp, not shiny nor flaky.

I made a gallon of the stuff so I am gonna have to use it.  It does go bad and I forgot to add lavender to this batch, so it will go off sooner.  I am gonna try storing it in the fridge.

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