Too Much Fabric?

Well, I don’t think one can have too much fabric, as long as it is organized. Getting organized is a hurdle.  Staying organized is perhaps more a hurdle.  I acquire most of my fabric from thrift stores, but at least once a month, I spend $20 at Joann’s on fat quarters and remnants.  Usually, I wait until I have a whole load, then wash, iron, sample, fold and store. I don’t have home laundry – I use a friend or laundromat.  I kinda let the fabric pile up recently. Today was laundry day.  I used 2 80lb washers and 1 50lb washer.  One of the 80 lb ones was just fabric.  I have 3 overflowing baskets of fabric to iron, sample, fold and store.  I have no idea how many different fabrics yet.  It is a lot.  I am totally overwhelmed by the MOUNTAIN of fabric I must iron.

I am glad to have all of it.  I am thinking of all the great quilts I will make this year.  I could make everything I have made this year and it would all be different.  I don’t even know if I have enough bins to hold all the new stuff.

I had to take a break from ironing to post this, because the ironing feels too relentless – like it will never end.

But I got some really nice fabric in this pile.

I like as many different fabrics in a quilt as possible.  It is true that all colors go together if you have enough of them.  I have been collecting fabric since 2000, but seriously collecting over the past 2 years.  I went from 5 bins to 12 and I think I am gonna need more bins.

It would be easier on me if I didn’t prewash.  But I figure prewashing is best for me, because I don’t know if the thrift store stuff has been washed or not and washing everything makes all the fabric equal.

When I make a quilt, I decide what the fabric theme is – all florals, blues, reds, etc. – then I pull a fat quarters worth of each of the fabrics that fall into the theme.  Then I douse with starch and let dry. Then I stream iron.  The fabric is then ready for cutting.  I make one big quilt and one smaller quilt and little quilts with the remaining fabric.  I think this is the most efficient way for me to quilt.

But WOW, this time I really have bit off more than I can chew, or rather iron.  There are over 100 peices of fabric to iron. I have at least spread out the fabric on a table to wait for me to iron it rather than  leaving it unfolded and squashed into laundry baskets.

Some of the pieces come out of the dryer SUPER wrinkled.  I hate that.  Why can’t I pull them from the dryer and have them be wrinkle free.

So I don’t have to iron more today. I can just leave them ’till tomorrow.  An all day affair this.

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