Clean Up Time

Between the basting of the waterwheel quilt and the making of the double four patch and general use, my studio space is a disaster. So, today is clean up day.  When the studio once more looks functional, I will be making little quilts to quilt as the warm ups for the waterwheel quilt.  These are to be donated to Clowder House.  Clowder House is a retirement home for cats whose owners are not able to care for anymore.

The last little quilts I made I gave to friends and family with cats and the quilts are a big hit.  The cats love ’em and they protect chairs etc. from cat hair.  I found Clowder House online and they are located right in my ‘hood, so I can give them this batch of little quilts.

Basically, the little quilts are made from leftover fabric from a quilting session. They are scrappy and not really made for looks.  I make them first to test tension and get my machine set up for the Big Quilt.  They vary in size, but the largest ones are about 36″ square.

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