Sewing Machine Update

Well, my technician called today about my bernina 830 record sewing machine.  There is an issue with the foot pedal – it is sometimes fast and sometimes slow, which I had noticed.  He said there isn’t much danger to the machine should the foot pedal die, because,  to replace the foot control on ebay is anywhere from $65 – $140. So, I’m gonna just sew with it as is and see how that goes.  He also said the feed dogs were not feeding perfectly straight, but it would cost about $90 just to break the machine down to the point where he could see the problem.  His advice, which I am taking, is to sew with it as is and if it gives no problems for the next year, when I take it in next for service, then fix the feed issue.

He seemed really knowledgeable and nice.  And it is only costing me 30 dollars for this maintenance check (they are usually $75).  I’m happy and I can pick up my machine tomorrow.  Yeah!

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