Daily Needle 12/5/09

The waterwheel quilt is ready to be basted.  It is about 90 inches square.  My largest tables are only 42×72 or 30×84.  I am committed to trying Sharon Schamber’s thread basting method.  Heretofore, I have used safety pins to bast.  I intend to try all methods I come across that look better than the safety pins, and Sharon’s is the first I am trying.  The video is in 2 parts and takes about 18 minutes to watch, but I think it is worth it.  Her method involves rolling the top and back each on a board.  I think it is still gonna be a pain basting a 90 inch square quilt, but I’m gonna try.  She recommends wool batt, which I am also going to try eventually, but not on this quilt.  I have 2 cotton batts already, so the next 2 quilts, one of which is the waterwheel, get those.  I have enuff floral fabric prepared to make another full size quilt, I think.  And any leftovers will be made into kitty quilts for clowder house.

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